Raypak 280 Residential Gas Heater (Natural Gas/LPG)

Raypak 280 Residential Gas Heater (Natural Gas/LPG) can be easily removed for inspection or service. Glass lines cast iron headers and cupronickel tubes are available as options. It is 82% energy efficient with an easy installation for both indoor and outdoor. Fittings are brush galvanized against rust. Heat shields are corrosion-resistant steel. Eliminates the repair and maintenance problems adding with tolling tubes directly into casting. You can easily operate these heaters without any hassle.

Features and Benefits :

  • Stainless Steel Burners
  • Floating Return Header
  • Corrosion levitra dosage Resistant Steel
  • Finned Copper Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Available for natural gas
  • Interlocking Refractory Panels