G9 265 Nat/LPG Gas Heater – 95% efficiency

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Introducing the G9 265 Condensing Gas Pool and Spa Heater

Rapid Heating with Superior Efficiency Experience faster heating times with the G9 265 condensing gas pool heater, which not only heats your pool and spa more quickly but does so with remarkable efficiency. Engineered to be environmentally friendly and cost-effective, this heater allows you to swim at any time of the year, adjusting to your preferred temperature. With an impressive net efficiency of up to 95%, the G9 significantly cuts gas consumption and emissions by more than 20% compared to minimum efficiency gas heaters.

Compact and Convenient Design Boasting the smallest footprint of any heater in its class, the G9 is designed for installation in tight spaces, making it ideal for any setup. Its compact size doesn’t compromise power or efficiency, providing on-demand heating that allows you to enjoy your pool or spa at a moment’s notice.

Built to Last Constructed from durable, long-life recyclable plastics, stainless steel, and high-grade engineered components, the G9 is built to endure. This robust design ensures a long service life while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Smart Energy Use and Low Emissions The G9 265 heater not only utilizes energy efficiently but also operates with significantly lower emissions, aligning with eco-friendly standards and helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Seamless Integration with Automation Systems Easily integrate the G9 with Insnrg’s automation system for effortless control over your pool or spa settings from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. This feature offers unparalleled convenience, allowing for precise temperature adjustments and monitoring from your digital devices.

Enhance your pool or spa experience with the G9 Condensing Gas Pool and Spa Heater, where efficiency meets innovation for year-round enjoyment.

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Use less energy and heat your pool and spa faster with Australia’s only high efficiency gas pool and spa heater. With a net efficiency of up to 95% the G9 heater range reduces gas consumption and emissions by more than 20% over minimum efficiency pool and spa heaters. Flue gases are so cool that they turn into water which is mechanically eliminated by the inbuilt condensate pump.


A gas pool and spa heater has the capacity and energy to heat your pool fast. So fast in fact, that it does not have to be left on all the time. Fancy a swim this weekend? Turn your gas heater on Friday night or Saturday morning to achieve idyllic water temperature over the weekend, then simply turn it off on Sunday night. Have the impulse to use your spa? A correctly sized gas heater can heat your spa in an hour or less. Only gas can be turned on and off to suit your swimming or spa bathing needs, heating on demand and reducing your energy bills.

Insnrg’s next level ceramic fibre burner produces clean combustion and the highly efficient double row cupro nickel heat exchanger absorbs nearly all of this heat to emit very low
flue gas temperature. Compared to conventional minimum efficiency gas pool heaters, the G9 saves 20% on gas consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. In other words the
energy produced by the premixed combustion system is absorbed into the pool and spa water to heat faster with less energy consumption.

The G9 gas heater has one of the smallest footprints reducing the valuable real estate taken by your pool equipment.

Made from long life recyclable plastics, stainless steel internals and high grade components, Insnrg’s G9 Gas Heater will last for years providing trouble free enjoyment and pleasure in your pool or spa.


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