Gas Flex Twin wall flue Kit – 4m pipe, cowl, 900mm gal sleeve 125mm clamp

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Abey Trade’s Gas Flex Flue Kits (Two Ply): Engineered for Australian Conditions

Optimized for Local Requirements Abey Trade’s gas flex flue kits are expertly designed and manufactured in Australia, specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of Australian conditions and worksites. These kits offer an optimal solution for both new constructions and renovations, ensuring compatibility and performance in diverse environments.

Efficient and Flexible Installation Featuring dual wall construction, these flue kits are significantly easier to install compared to traditional rigid gas pipes and fabrications. Their flexible design allows for effortless bending around obstacles, simplifying complex installations and significantly reducing installation time. This flexibility ensures that even the most challenging jobs become more manageable.

Highly Durable and Safe Constructed with durability in mind, Abey’s flex flue kits can withstand flue temperatures up to 300℃, making them ideal for use with new energy-efficient appliances. Each kit complies with the AS 5601-2004 standard, ensuring safe operation and peace of mind for both installers and homeowners.

Kit Contents and Specifications Each Abey gas flex flue kit includes:

  • 4 metres of two-ply pipe
  • 1 cowl
  • 1 x 900mm solid sleeve
  • 1 clamp

The kits are available in a range of diameters from 75mm to 125mm, accommodating a variety of installation needs and appliance requirements.

Ideal for Modern Energy Efficient Appliances Designed to meet the needs of modern, high-efficiency gas appliances, Abey’s gas flex flue kits are a reliable choice for ensuring effective exhaust and venting in heating systems. Their high temperature tolerance and robust construction make them an excellent choice for contemporary energy solutions.

Choose Abey Trade’s Gas Flex Flue Kits for a durable, flexible, and compliant solution tailored to Australian standards, simplifying installation and enhancing the safety and efficiency of your gas systems.

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