INSNRG Gi Gas Pool and Spa Heaters – GI265

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Insnrg Pool and Spa Gi Gas Pool and Spa Heater GI265. Options for indoor or outdoor installation. Available with gas inputs of 160 mj, 265 mj or 420 mj (150k BTU, 250k BTU or 400k BTU.)

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  • Clearances:
    • 300mm Front & Top & Sides for Service / 150mm Rear
    • 150mm from combustible surfaces for all sides
    • Refer to AS5601 and Latest Manual for details on clearances
  • Gas Pressure:
    • GI265 – Operating – Nat Gas: 1.1-3.5kpa Operating / LPG: 2.75-3.5kpa 
  • Water Flow Rates:
    • GI 265: Min 150lpm / Max 400lpm


A gas pool and spa heater has the capacity and energy to heat your pool fast. So fast in fact, that it does not have to be left on all the time. Fancy a swim this weekend? Turn your gas heater on Friday night or Saturday morning to achieve idyllic water temperature over the weekend, then simply turn it off on Sunday night. Got the impulse to use your spa? A correctly sized gas heater can heat your spa in an hour or less. Only gas can be turned on and off to suit your swimming or spa bathing needs, heating on demand and reducing your energy bills.


Insnrg’s double row heat exchanger extracts more than 83% of the energy from the burner, making the Gi one of the most efficient heaters on the market. Combine the heat exchanger with a stainless steel expanded metal mesh burner and the compact Gi has less materials, resulting in minimal wasted heat which speeds up the heating process.


The Gi gas heater has one of the smallest footprints reducing the valuable real estate taken by your pool equipment. Installation is easy, with reversible headers to minimise plumbing space and cost.


Made from long life recyclable plastics, stainless steel internals and high grade components, Insnrg’s Gi Gas Heater will last years providing trouble free enjoyment and pleasure in your pool or spa.

Natural or Propane Gas?

Each Insnrg Gas heater is available in Natural or Propane models, so you don’t need to have a towns gas supply to get the most from your investment.

Indoor or Outdoor?

The Gi Gas Heater is supplied to suit outdoor installation, however a simple conversion enables it to be installed
indoors with up to 18m (60ft) of 125mm (5in) flue. The recommended flue is small in diameter making installation
easy and roof or wall penetrations less invasive (flue kits must be ordered separately and installed by an authorised person).


Your Gi Gas heater comes complete with a 5 year cabinet and 2 year component warranty. Check with your local pool professional about implementing a maintenance program to ensure you maximise the life and performance of your investment.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 70 cm