Insnrg Hi Pool Heat Pump ? Model HI35

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Insnrg’s Hi Heat Pump with Exclusive Full-Inverter® Technology

The Hi Heat Pump stands alone as the only option on the market equipped with Full-Inverter® Technology, ensuring peak energy efficiency and substantially reduced heating expenses. Unlike standard heat pumps that toggle between on and off settings or those with limited step inverter capabilities, the Hi Heat Pump from Insnrg uniquely adjusts the fan and compressor speeds incrementally from the lowest to the highest output for maximum efficiency. It operates at full capacity when heating colder water but as it nears the desired swim temperature, the Full-Inverter® Technology decreases the speed of both compressor and fan to optimize energy use. Remarkably, at 50% capacity, the Hi Heat Pump boasts an average Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 11, cutting the running costs in half compared to traditional heat pumps.

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All Insnrg Hi Heat Pumps incorporate the latest Inverter Technology to maximise energy efficiency and minimise heating costs. Inverter technology operates similar to climate control on your home or vehicle air-conditioning units. Insnrg’s heat pump will operate at maximum output when the water is cold but, as swimming
temperature is approached, Inverter Technology slows the compressor and fan down to increase efficiency and reduce heating costs. The sophisticated electronic controller matches the heating capacity with the heat loss from your pool, eliminating overshooting/undershooting of the pool temperature experienced by conventional heat pumps.


Based on “Twin mechanism” innovative solution, two rotors operate together to balance the torque for anti-shaking. It leads to highest efficiency, extremely low vibration & quiet operation.


Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat your swimming water. In fact, the only energy heat pumps use is to collect heat from the air, even when the air temperature is as low as 3 degrees. The large evaporator coils in the heat pump absorb any temperature or humidity from the outside air, and then transfer this heat through a titanium heat exchanger into your pool water. Heat Pump efficiency is known as Co-efficient of Performance (COP). In optimum conditions your Insnrg heat pump operates at a COP of 11, which means it transfers 11 times the energy that it uses into your pool water.


Thanks to the advances provided by Inverter Technology, the Hi Heat Pump is whisper quiet, allowing you to heat for extended hours without intruding on your neighbours or sensitive rooms in your own home.


The Hi Heat Pump can also cool your pool water. Ideal for ice baths or pools located in tropical regions, your pool water can be cooled to the ideal refreshing temperature as well.

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