ULTRAMAX JUNIOR – Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner


Maximize Pool Cleanliness with the Ultramax and Ultramax Junior Robotic Cleaners

Ultramax: Designed for Olympic-Sized Excellence Engineered for the rigorous demands of extra-large and Olympic-sized public pools, the Ultramax robotic cleaner ensures comprehensive debris removal with its ability to filter up to 200 cubic meters of water per cycle. It features unmatched suction power for an optimal clean and a smart navigation algorithm that adapts to any pool finish, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning.

Features of the Ultramax Include:

  • Multiple Cleaning Cycles: Choose from 3, 4, or 6 hours with a timer delay option for customized operation.
  • Advanced Sensing: An infrared sensor detects all pool areas, ensuring no spot is missed.
  • Ease of Use: Transport and storage are simplified with the included premium trolley.

Ultramax Junior: Perfect for Smaller Public Pools The Ultramax Junior offers all the robust features of the Ultramax but in a more compact form, making it ideal for public pools up to 35 meters, such as those in hotels and smaller recreational facilities. It efficiently cleans the pool floor in a single pass and is equipped with a wireless remote control for precise cleaning of specific areas.

Additional Features of the Ultramax Junior:

  • Adaptable Cleaning: Comes with an advanced power supply and an LCD pad that offers control over six cleaning programs, tailored to different pool needs.
  • User-Friendly and Lightweight: Easy to operate and transport with the included premium trolley, making it ideal for daily use.

Choose the Ultramax Series for Unrivaled Pool Care Whether managing a vast Olympic-sized pool or a smaller public facility, the Ultramax series provides the perfect solution, combining powerful cleaning capabilities with user-friendly features and efficient operation. Ensure your pool remains pristine and welcoming with these advanced robotic cleaners.



 BWT Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners

Experience longer-lasting clean water with our professional robotic pool cleaners.

Installed in commercial swimming pools worldwide, you can rely on these robots to keep your swimming pool sparkling season after season!



Our obsession with clean water has driven us to develop innovative purification technology. This efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly solution provides your swimming pool with the highest level of sanitization – leaving it sparkling!

Relax, knowing that our heavy-duty robotic cleaners are running around the clock for a perfect aquatic experience. Our innovative suction and filtration systems make cleaning your pool a breeze.

Enjoy crystal-clear sanitised water in your pool with just one simple step!

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 28 × 39 × 56 cm