UltraTemp VX Heat Pump 12kw Top Fan

$6,666.00 inc. GST

The Pentair UltraTemp VX 12KW Heat Pump: Unrivaled Efficiency and Value

Discover exceptional efficiency and value with the Pentair UltraTemp VX 12KW Heat Pump, a standout offering from Pentair Water’s domestic range. Featuring both horizontal (HX) and vertical (VX) discharge options, this heat pump is a testament to Pentair’s commitment to high-quality and performance-driven products. Unlike traditional gas and electric element pool heaters, the UltraTemp VX heat pump utilizes a fraction of the energy to generate the same level of heat, ensuring both cost savings and environmental benefits. Embrace a smarter, more sustainable way to heat your pool with the cutting-edge UltraTemp VX 12KW Heat Pump.

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Pentair ULTRATEMP Series unique features:

  • Automatic 4 way valve – auto defrost system
  • Heating and cooling capability 
  • Electronic expansion valve (EEV2) – Increased energy savings by efficient fuel flow
  • Intuitive LCD Touch screen
  • Hydrophilic evaporator coating
  • Titanium threaded heat exchanger – 30% increase in heat transfer
  • Flow switch and high pressure cut out to ensure additional safety and protection
  • PVC and powder coated zinc-alume corrosion resistant cabinet
  • Low noise fan blades 

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60 × 82.3 × 60 cm