Waterco MultiCyclone Centrifugal Filter 16

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The Waterco MultiCyclone Centrifugal Filter: An Award-Winning Pre-Filter Solution

Discover the efficiency of the Waterco MultiCyclone Centrifugal Filter, a pioneering pre-filter that has earned accolades for its innovative design. This advanced filtration system stands out for its lack of moving parts and the elimination of the need for filter media replacements or cleaning, offering a low-maintenance, high-performance solution for your filtering needs.

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The Waterco MultiCyclone Centrifugal Filter is an award winning pre-filter with no moving parts and no filter media to replace or clean. Using the most advanced hydro cyclone technology to ensure high water quality and clarity, the Waterco MultiCyclone pre-filters up to 80% of the pool water before it enters the swimming pool filter, easing your filter workload and improving water circulation.

Installing a Waterco MultiCyclone to a sand filter can reduce its backwash frequency to once per year, saving of up to 7,000 litres of water annually for an average domestic sized swimming pool.

And installing a Waterco MultiCyclone to a cartridge filter can reduce cleaning and replacement to only once per swimming season and even only once a year depending on the cartridge filter size.

A Waterco MultiCyclone also enhances the performance of your automatic pool cleaner or in floor cleaning system without placing a burden on your pool filter.

The Waterco MultiCyclone Centrifugal Filter (12 & 16) is included in the Waterco EnviroPro range designed to help you save water and energy and also maintenance time. The high-quality range includes a select number of Waterco’s energy efficient and award-winning water saving products.


• Minimises filter maintenance, saves water and improves water circulation
• No filter media to replace or clean
• Suitable for new and existing installations
• Enhances the performance of pool cleaning equipment
• Reduces burden on pool filter
• 2-year warranty

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 30 × 70 × 30 cm