Astralpool IXI Natural Gas Pool Heaters – IXI 370

$9,453.00 inc. GST

Embrace the future of pool and spa heating with the Astralpool iXi Natural Gas Heater, a groundbreaking solution that combines the latest technology and patented innovations for unmatched performance. Surpassing previous models like the Astralpool HiNRG, Viron, and ICI gas heaters, the iXi Gas Heater redefines the standards of heating technology.

Boasting an ultra-compact footprint, lightweight construction, and a cutting-edge design, the iXi Gas Heater offers unparalleled flexibility for any pool owner, setting a new benchmark in the realm of pool and spa heating.

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High-Efficiency Pool & Spa Heating

  • 83% Thermal efficiency and low NOx surpasses strict DOE Entergy Efficiency Requirements
  • Energy efficient
  • Automation-ready
  • User-friendly controls interface
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight design, flexible installation

Flexible Installation

  • 180° rotatable top negates the need for additional plumbing, saving the pool owner additional money.

User-Friendly Control

  • Digital interface for effortless temperature control and diagnostics with run-time and cycle metre.

The iXi Gas Heater sets a new standard in pool and spa heating technology, with its ultra-compact size, light weight and innovative design, providing the greatest flexibility for the pool owner.

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 75 × 60 × 50 cm