MAGNUM JUNIOR – Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner


Introducing the Magnum Junior: The Optimal Robotic Pool Cleaner for Commercial Use

Tailored for Commercial Pools The Magnum Junior is the ideal solution for maintaining commercial pools up to 20 meters in length. Perfectly suited for pools of all shapes and sizes, it delivers comprehensive cleaning by thoroughly scrubbing the floor, walls, and waterline.

Efficient and Cost-Effective This robotic pool cleaner operates at a low cost per hour, making it an economical choice for pool operators. Its unmatched suction power ensures optimal cleaning performance, effectively removing dirt and debris for a sparkling clean pool.

Advanced Navigation Equipped with a smart navigation algorithm, the Magnum Junior calculates the most efficient cleaning path across the pool floor, ensuring fast and thorough coverage. This technology allows it to adapt to various pool finishes and configurations, making it highly versatile.

User-Friendly Features The Magnum Junior is designed with ease of use in mind. It features an auto shut-off function that safely ends each cleaning cycle, saving energy and reducing wear. The inclusion of a premium trolley makes transporting and storing the cleaner effortless.

Perfect for Any Commercial Setting Whether you manage a public swimming facility, a hotel pool, or any other commercial aquatic environment, the Magnum Junior offers a reliable and affordable cleaning solution. Its simplicity and robust features make pool maintenance hassle-free, allowing operators to focus on providing a great swimming experience rather than worrying about pool cleanliness.

With the Magnum Junior, commercial pool operators can enjoy peace of mind knowing their pools are impeccably maintained with minimal effort, all while keeping operational costs low. Let this advanced robotic cleaner do the hard work, so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of a perfectly maintained pool.



BWT Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners

Experience longer-lasting clean water with our professional robotic pool cleaners.

Installed in commercial swimming pools worldwide, you can rely on these robots to keep your swimming pool sparkling season after season!



Our obsession with clean water has driven us to develop innovative purification technology. This efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly solution provides your swimming pool with the highest level of sanitization – leaving it sparkling!

Relax, knowing that our heavy-duty robotic cleaners are running around the clock for a perfect aquatic experience. Our innovative suction and filtration systems make cleaning your pool a breeze.

Enjoy crystal-clear sanitised water in your pool with just one simple step!

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 28 × 39 × 46 cm