BWT Cosmy 100 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Introducing COSMY the Bot 100: Advanced Cleaning for Compact Pools

Ideal for pools up to 8 meters, COSMY the Bot 100 specializes in floor cleaning with cutting-edge efficiency. This robotic cleaner is equipped with dual-stage planetary gear technology—an innovative drive system that enhances both efficiency and precision. Paired with two drive motors and a powerful pump, COSMY stands out as one of the most reliable robotic cleaners available.

The planetary gear system provides fast, optimized navigation across your pool, ensuring unmatched cleaning performance and unparalleled reliability.

Energy Efficiency at Its Best: COSMY robotic cleaners are designed for rapid and logical navigation, enabling quick cleaning cycles that not only save time but also reduce energy consumption. This results in impeccable cleaning efficiency, making COSMY a smart choice for maintaining your pool’s pristine condition with minimal energy use.

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Embrace Effortless Pool Cleaning with COSMY 100

Bid farewell to the drudgery of manual pool cleaning and welcome the COSMY 100, your new ultimate cleaning ally. Sit back and relax as the COSMY 100 efficiently cleans the bottom of your pool, providing a thorough clean regardless of your pool’s shape, liner type, or finish.

This autonomous electric pool cleaner is perfectly suited for pools up to 8 meters in length. With its innovative floating cable and a swift cleaning cycle of just 90 minutes, the COSMY 100 navigates smoothly and thoroughly, ensuring every corner is spotless.

Forget about laborious scrubbing—let the COSMY 100 save you time and effort. This robot is not only easy to use but also incredibly lightweight at just 5.75 kg, making it a breeze to transport around your yard. Despite its light frame, the COSMY 100 boasts impressive motricity and an ultra-powerful filtration system, capable of removing debris and dirt with ease.

Personalize your pool cleaning experience with COSMY’s customizable color options. Choose from eight vibrant colors to match your garden furniture or even your mood, transforming your pool cleaner from a mere tool into a statement piece.

With COSMY, pool cleaning becomes not just practical but also a reflection of your style, making it the ideal combination of functionality and flair for a sparkling clean pool all summer long.

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Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 37 × 20 × 40 cm