MAGNUM PVA – Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner


Introducing the Magnum PVA: The Ultimate Robotic Cleaner for Commercial Pools

Versatile and Comprehensive Cleaning The Magnum PVA robotic pool cleaner is designed specifically for in-ground commercial pools, ensuring a complete cleaning of floors, walls, and waterlines. Its powerful suction and smart navigation system deliver an optimal cleaning performance, making it an indispensable tool for any commercial pool up to 25 meters in length.

Economical and Efficient This cleaner is not only effective but also economical. The low operating cost per hour makes the Magnum PVA a smart choice for pool owners looking to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality. Its compatibility with all types of pool finishes adds to its versatility, making it suitable for a variety of commercial settings.

User-Friendly and Safe Operation of the Magnum PVA is straightforward and maintenance is minimal, providing a hassle-free experience for pool operators. The automatic shut-off feature enhances safety and conserves energy by ending each cleaning cycle precisely when needed.

Transport and Storage Made Easy The included premium trolley ensures that the Magnum PVA is easy to transport and store, adding an extra layer of convenience for daily use.

Ideal for Every Commercial Pool Whether you manage a hotel pool, a recreation center, or any other commercial facility, the Magnum PVA provides a reliable, affordable cleaning solution. It efficiently navigates across the pool floor, removing dirt and debris quickly and leaving behind a crystal-clear finish.

Pool owners and operators can now enjoy a cleaner pool with minimal effort, thanks to the dependable and powerful Magnum PVA. Let this robotic cleaner take the hassle out of pool maintenance so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a pristine pool environment.



BWT Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners

Experience longer-lasting clean water with our professional robotic pool cleaners.

Installed in commercial swimming pools worldwide, you can rely on these robots to keep your swimming pool sparkling season after season!



Our obsession with clean water has driven us to develop innovative purification technology. This efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly solution provides your swimming pool with the highest level of sanitization – leaving it sparkling!

Relax, knowing that our heavy-duty robotic cleaners are running around the clock for a perfect aquatic experience. Our innovative suction and filtration systems make cleaning your pool a breeze.

Enjoy crystal-clear sanitised water in your pool with just one simple step!

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 28 × 39 × 56 cm