Gas Heater HX 70

$4,395.00 inc. GST

Cost-Effective Heating with Outstanding Attributes

Opt for gas heating for a rapid and budget-friendly method to warm up your pool and spa. The HX gas pool and spa heater presents the most economical option, available in two sizes to cater to your specific heating needs. Crafted in Australia and featuring electronic touch controls, the HX heater is perfectly suited for your heating demands.

  • Reduced Maintenance and Enhanced Efficiency
  • User-Friendly Electronic Touch Controls
  • Offered in Two Different Sizes
  • Immediate Heating Upon Demand
  • Reliable Electronic Ignition
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Made in Australia

Designed and built in Australia. HX heaters incorporate a marine grade powder coated external cabinet which will ensure that it will perform efficiently and last longer in all weather conditions.

Remarkable efficiency

The all copper finned tube heat exchanger accepts high flow rates which improves the heater efficiency and prevents scale formation in the waterways. This results in less maintenance needed and up to 83% efficiency meaning you will hardly notice a difference to your current gas bill when heating a 1600L spa.

Large display interface

The large Liquid Crystal Display was designed to be the perfect diagnosis tool providing as much, or as little information as you require. It displays water pressure and thermostat operation, ignition status, actual and set point temperatures. It even helps protect the heater and can be used to run a complete fault analysis if ever necessary.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 50 × 82 × 39 cm