PK Swift Cordless Pool Cleaner

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Introducing the PK Swift Cordless Pool Cleaner: A Powerful, Efficient Cleaning Solution for Your Pool

Simplified Operation
The PK Swift Cordless Pool Cleaner is designed for effortless use, featuring a one-button opening system that allows for quick and easy access to its components. This feature ensures that handling and maintenance are straightforward, even for those new to pool cleaning.

Enhanced Debris Capacity
With its large debris capacity, the PK Swift can handle more dirt and debris, reducing the frequency of cleanouts. This makes it ideal for pools that are prone to collecting large amounts of leaves and other debris, providing a more efficient cleaning process.

Safe and Secure
Equipped with a waterproof magnetic switch, the PK Swift ensures absolute sealing to prevent water ingress, enhancing its durability and operational safety. The quick water release valve comes with an integrated filter, allowing for fast and clean water drainage while trapping debris.

Versatile Filtration Options
This cordless pool cleaner includes two filters: a standard filter for larger debris and a fine filter for capturing smaller particles. This dual-filter setup allows for customized cleaning, depending on the pool’s current condition.

Effective Cleaning Design
The round suction mouth design enhances the suction power of the PK Swift, allowing it to lift heavier and more stubborn debris from the pool floor efficiently.

Easy Connectivity
The cleaner connects to a standard Australian telescopic pole (not included), extending its reach and making it easy to maneuver across the pool surface without the need for entering the water.

Whether you’re tackling a quick cleanup or a thorough scrub of your pool, the PK Swift Cordless Pool Cleaner offers a cordless, powerful, and efficient cleaning experience, ensuring your pool remains pristine with minimal effort.

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Dimensions 50 × 10 × 10 cm