PK X-Flow Cordless Pool Cleaner

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Introducing the PK X-Flow Cordless Pool Cleaner: Maximum Efficiency in Pool Cleaning

Efficient and Powerful Cleaning
The PK X-Flow Cordless Pool Cleaner provides a robust and efficient solution for maintaining your pool. Designed for ease of use and superior performance, this cleaner is equipped with features to streamline your pool maintenance routine.

Convenient Connectivity
Easily attach the PK X-Flow to a standard Australian telescopic pole (not included), enhancing its usability and reach. This feature allows for extended cleaning without the need to enter the water, making it ideal for users seeking convenience and efficiency.

Secure and Durable Design
With a waterproof magnetic switch, the PK X-Flow ensures safe operation by preventing water ingress, which prolongs the cleaner’s lifespan and enhances safety during use.

Exceptional Debris Capacity
Featuring an EXTRA-LARGE debris capacity, this pool cleaner can handle more dirt and debris between cleanings, perfect for busy or heavily used pools. It allows for longer uninterrupted cleaning sessions, reducing maintenance time and effort.

Optimized Water Release and Filtration
The quick water release valve equipped with a filter simplifies the process of emptying the cleaner while ensuring that debris is captured efficiently. The included standard filter and fine filter sock offer versatile cleaning options, allowing for customization based on the type and amount of debris.

Enhanced Suction Power
The round suction mouth design increases the suction power of the PK X-Flow, enabling it to effectively remove more substantial and more stubborn debris from your pool’s floor and walls.

Whether you are maintaining a small residential pool or a larger commercial facility, the PK X-Flow Cordless Pool Cleaner delivers a cordless, powerful, and efficient cleaning experience, ensuring your pool remains clean and inviting with minimal effort.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 10 cm